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Ready to Break Up with Dieting and Finally Make Peace With Food and Your Body that Truly Supports Your Health?

Does your relationship with food feel like a tricky one?
Maybe even negative or obsessive? 


Are you not able to have certain foods (candy, cakes, chips, etc.) in the house because you have no willpower around them? 

Do you think about food all the time? Do you feel motivated during the day, but have zero willpower at night?

Do you find yourself feeling defeated and overwhelmed with food? 

Are you constantly trying the latest diet, health fad or eating plan?

Do you know all the macro and calorie counts of food, but still have no idea what to eat? 

Are you sick of “starting over” every Monday or January 1st? 

It is possible to redesign your relationship with food. 

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  • Knowing what nourishes your body

  • Listening and trusting your body, rather than fighting it

  • Decreasing stress eating

  • No longer worrying about your weight

  • Feeling good about your body - and treating it with kindness

  • And finally getting off the diet roller coaster

  That would mean you’d…
  • Spend more time on the things that really matter to you

  • Stress less about food and your body

  • Have clarity around food choices

  • Save time and energy by avoiding the next diet/health fad 

  • Save money by not buying the next diet/health fad foods

  • Feel more confident at work, home, and socially

  • Enjoy exercise, instead of dreading it like a chore

  • Feel more alive, energetic, and productive

  • Live More Healthy to Live More Fully

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Picture of Tod Wickersham, FNLP, CFNC

Hi, I’m Tod Wickersham, FNLP, CFNC, 

Functional Nutrition Counselor, who Helps People Have a Healthy Relationship with Food and Improve Their Health and Energy to Live Healthy to Live More Fully!

I’m the guy that repeatedly put his health at risk dieting for weight loss, trying the latest health fad, cleanse or new “healthy diet”. 

As a child, I was praised for all I ate, but in junior high school, my relationship with food changed to restrictions and an obsession. It all started when I had to diet and lose weight to play a sport.  

As a freshman in college, I was macrobiotic for “health reasons," refused to eat in the cafeteria, became way too thin, and always felt cold. 

Over the years, I tried almost every different “healthy” eating style and diet. I was a vegetarian, mostly dairy free, gluten free, low carb, no grain, high saturated fats, no oil, vegan, or a combination of each. I also took weight loss supplements and had numerous food rules … and I even taught diet culture and my food restriction rules to my children.        
While I learned a lot about food and even went back to school to study nutrition, none of these restrictive and mostly joyless ways of healthy eating were working for me and many of my clients over the long term. 

That’s when I decided that there HAD to be a better way. 

I went searching for a new way that could not only work for me but my clients.  That’s when I discovered an entirely new approach to health called Intuitive Eating. 

Which led me to some pretty incredible results….

I learned how to eat and take care of myself in ways that felt good, without restrictive rules. 


I felt a new freedom and confidence with food and my body.


I no longer needed obsess about and track my food. 

I even felt confident and joyful around food again.


I am now eating and living healthy in ways that truly support my physical health, mental health, and emotional health. 

I now have more energy and clearer focus throughout the day!


With this intuitive eating approach, I started working with my clients in this non-diet way of living and enjoying food. . .


They are experiencing the same peace with food, feeling satisfied & enjoying the food they ate.  


Here’s what I know….

We are constantly inundated with diets, food plans, health fads, programs, changes, detoxes, and cleanses that we are told will help us lose weight and be healthier, but they ultimately make us hungrier, fatter, weaker and sicker.  

Diets have a 95% failure rate. Research shows that while diets may result in immediate weight loss or short-term health benefits, there is no sustained weight loss after 3-5 years with any diet plan. 


In fact, the number one predictor of weight gain is dieting.


Diets cause slowed metabolism, weight gain, health challenges and even eating disorders. 


You are not a failure, the diets were the failure all along.


I used to constantly search for the secret hack that I thought others knew. It makes perfect sense that I was always searching for a more fit body and “perfect food plan” because this was what society, the diet industry and fitness influencers taught us.

When I stopped focusing the weight or the perfect way of eating, I finally was able to create a a fun, delicious and joyful relationship with food. 


I had a whole new outlook on food, fitness, healthy eating and body image. And now I want to help you experience this. 


Making Peace with Your Plate™

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Making Peace with Your Plate™ is based on the principles of Intuitive Eating - the most effective, research-based way for you to create a healthy relationship with food, get off the diet roller coaster and finally live healthy! 

Intuitive Eaters have higher self-esteem, life satisfaction, and body appreciation, along with greater motivation to exercise. They also have less emotional eating, fewer binge eating episodes and lower blood pressure.

The principles of Intuitive Eating allow you to reestablish trust with yourself and create a healthy relationship with food and your body. 


You don’t need to count every macro, calorie or point that you eat every single meal for the rest of your life.

You can have a relationship with food that feels free, and light without overthinking! 

You can enjoy the rituals of food and the socializing around food again.

In this program, I will guide you through a process that allows you to accomplish all of this!  

End the dieting cycle and start a long-lasting transformation - you deserve this!

This program is for you if you find yourself saying:

  • I’m so sick of starting new diets or healthy eating plans over and over again

  • I feel like I've tried them all with little or no long term success

  • I feel like a failure with food. Nothing works for me and everyone else seems to know the answers

  • I’m exhausted and frustrated. I just don’t know how or what to eat anymore

  • I’m tired of thinking about food all day long

  • I’m so motivated during the day, but no matter what I do I have zero willpower at night

  • I go to bed feeling shame most nights after eating non-stop while watching TV or working at my desk

  • I just don’t have the motivation to start another food plan or lifestyle change

  • I can't keep my energy up or balance my blood sugar levels throughout the day. 

  • I can’t keep any candy (or other favorite food) in the house, I have no willpower

  • The only thing that works for me is strict rules about food (but I can’t stick with them for more than a month or two)


Over 14 days, I will lead you through a powerful process that will help you finally make peace with food.

I know what you’re thinking…
How is this different from all the other diets/plans
and programs out there?

In this program you will:


  • Start to break the cycle of dieting so you can trust yourself with food. 

  • Identify root causes of any emotional eating you may experience, so you can reduce stress and emotional eating (without relying on willpower).

  • Rediscover the pleasure and satisfaction of food again - because food is meant to be enjoyed.

  • Learn what foods satiate you and sustain your energy levels throughout the day, so you feel more alive and can enjoy your life fully.

  • Stop counting calories and start eating with ease and freedom.

  • Begin to make peace with food and your body, finally, so you can experience greater joy and fulfillment with food and in your life.

  • Start to heal your relationship with food, so that you can focus on what’s truly important to you.

  • Start to experience the health benefits of this healthy relationship with food.

Join this program if you want to transform your relationship with food and your body!

In this program, I will take you step-by-step through a powerful process so you can say goodbye to dieting, remove the guilt and shame from foods so you can enjoy them again and have a plan for creating healthy daily habits without the punishment of diet culture.

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Registration is closed. 
Come back in October 2024.


If you want to start sooner, email me at 


Picture of Lauren

"Through this program I was able to cultivate a new relationship with food. Now I can start to release the shame with different foods and really know which foods make me feel like I am thriving in life."


"I was able to stop worrying about whether the food I wanted to eat was "good" or "bad" - which has lifted the stress I was feeling when deciding what to eat. Now I am enjoying my food again." 

Eric Libardoni

"This program allowed me to have the freedom, ease, joy and health that I deserve. I definitely learned to make peace with my plate. This program is revolutionary!"

Picture of Pamela

   What's Included in the Program?  

hands typing on computer Keyboard

5 Live Group Coaching Calls ($497 Value)

You will be supported through this entire 14 day process. We will have 5 live coaching calls where I will guide you through our Make Peace with your Plate™ method. You will be able to ask questions, share and receive coaching on these calls. These live calls are a tremendous value. 

Calls will be held over Zoom on:​

  • Call #1 March 1st at 12 p.m. ET/11a.m. CT

  • Call #2 March 6th at 12 p.m. ET/11a.m. CT

  • Call #3 March 8th at 12 p.m. ET/11a.m. CT

  • Call #4 March 13th at 12 p.m. ET/11a.m. CT

  • Call #5 March 17th at 12 p.m. ET/11a.m. CT


Can’t make the call live?
You can watch the replays at any time.

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Daily Support in a Private Facebook Group ($297 Value)

You’ll have daily personal support and coaching from me, along with the support of your fellow participants, so you can experience transformation, connection and encouragement. 

Client Guidebook ($197 Value)

This Guidebook will be an amazing resource to support you in between your live group coaching calls. It introduces you to the concepts of a non-diet approach to your relationship with food and your body.

image of Client Guidebook
image of program material on phone

Daily Coaching Emails ($297 Value)

For 14 days of this program, you will receive a short daily email with a short teaching, along with a brief daily assignment. Think of it as having a coach in your email box every single morning!


Client Journal ($97 Value)

Support your process of building your Intuitive Eating cues of hunger, fullness, and satisfaction with this Client Journal. This special journal goes hand in hand with the 5 live coaching calls and Client Guidebook. 


Image of Client Journal
image of program material2

Suggested Daily Routine ($97 Value)

A simple roadmap for you to follow without strict rules and restrictions. This is focused on simple self care and feeling good! Say goodbye to stress, overwhelm and frustration. 

Image of Recipe book

Over 30 Delicious Recipes created by a Professional Chef ($297 Value)

These recipes get RAVE reviews! Because the recipes are so delicious, you will find this experience is about pleasure and you will start to find joy with food again. From smoothies & salads to curries, soups, and stir-frys, you’re bound to find your favorites and there are recipes for all levels of kitchen abilities. The recipes are provided as inspiration, not a rigid meal plan. In fact, there’s no requirement to use the recipes.


Kitchen and Food Prep Tips Guide ($97 Value)

Newbies and kitchen pros alike will appreciate these simple time-saving strategies. You will easily turn these food prep practices into consistent and sustainable habits.

image of program material3
BONUS 45-Minute
Private Strategy Session with Me ($108 Value)
We’ll talk about your experience during the program so we can fine tune things further for you and we’ll discuss personalized next steps and strategies to help you continue your journey to making peace with your plate!
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Are you ready to transform your relationship with food?

The next program starts in October.

Early Bird Price will be $97


If you want to start sooner, email me at 

Picture of Dina

"This program has been a gift for me! The time and energy I'd spent obsessing over food is now freed up to apply to what truly nourishes me most ... loving, meaningful, soulful connections with others and with myself."


"In the past I tried intuitive eating on my own and never stuck. Through this program I developed understanding and compassion for myself and my body. My relationship with food is better because food is no longer the enemy. I feel so much better physically, mentally, and emotionally."

Picture of Shana

"This program has given me so much insight and understanding into my pattern of emotionally eating and I now feel confident that I can meet my emotional needs without overindulging. This is truly a life changing program which I would 100% recommend to anyone wanting to recalibrate their relationship with food and their body!"

Picture of Shirley

Happiness Guarantee

I have held nothing back in providing this program for you. I want you to live a happier, more vibrant life so I’m giving you all the tools and support you need to start your path to a healthier lifestyle.


Because I want you to experience the amazing results possible in this program, once the program materials have been sent out, on March 1, 2024, there are no refunds. I have created this policy so that we are both accountable for your success. I am here to support you every step of the way!


Will I lose weight on this program?

Here’s my honest answer…

Yes. No. Maybe.

The desire to lose weight is totally normal, that’s what we have been taught- thin equals healthy/good/valuable. Weight loss isn’t bad, but it can get in the way of healing your relationship with food.

I will invite you to spend 2 weeks focusing on establishing a healthy relationship with food, instead of weight loss. Just to try it out and see how it affects your relationship with food. 

We are constantly inundated with diet messages from the media. For example, by the time women are 45 years old, statistics show that they have tried at least 61 different diets and food plans. As a result, the dieting industry is a 71-billion-dollar industry benefiting from us all doubting ourselves and our bodies.

After a lifetime of trying to change your body, don’t you think it will be a welcome relief to spend two weeks focused on healing your relationship with food and your body?

In this program, some people lose weight, some gain weight. Both of those results may be healthy for each body. 

This is a weight-neutral program, weight loss is not the focus. Remember that thin does not equal health. Health is defined by each individual. Health is evident in different shapes and sizes of bodies.


Applying a weight-neutral approach to your life is freeing. It allows you to focus on healthy behaviors in your control. It’s a powerful shift. 


What exactly is a non-diet / Intuitive Eating approach? 

Instead of focusing on weight loss, in this program, we will focus on health behaviors and the thoughts and emotions behind them. We will begin to unpack the Restrict-Rebel-Guilt cycle of chronic dieting that so many people are stuck in.

Along with health behaviors, we will address the root causes of emotional eating patterns. The program is grounded in the principles of Intuitive Eating which are research and science-based. I believe that all bodies are good bodies. The pursuit of weight loss is more damaging mentally and physically to the body.


Are the recipes vegan, vegetarian, or paleo?

The recipes do not follow a directive nutrition plan that eliminates whole food groups. In case you are wondering, there are plenty of vegan and vegetarian options.

Instead of eliminating food groups, we will work to grow your inner attunement to hunger, fullness, and satisfaction cues, along with rejecting the diet mentality with food. We will practice perceiving all foods as neutral, rather than good and bad foods. This is one of the critical mindset shifts to ending emotional and binge eating, along with anxiety around food.


Will you tell me what to eat?

No, not in the typical diet sense. I believe in body autonomy. This process is about you trusting your own body rather than looking towards external rules. An important part of detaching from diet culture is learning what works for your body. I will guide you through a process to learn more about how you feel when you eat different foods and what best supports your body. We will focus on including foods that will satiate you, give you energy throughout the day, and support your mood. 



Is this the same as mindful eating?

No, mindful eating is an important tool used in Intuitive Eating (and this program), but we will go much deeper.

We will dismantle diet culture so you’re able to understand how it has impacted how you think and feel about food. This is the often missing piece to healing your relationship with food. 


In this program you will:

  • Start to break the cycle of dieting so you can trust yourself with food. 

  • Identify root causes of any emotional eating you may experience, so you can reduce stress and emotional eating (without relying on willpower).

  • Rediscover the pleasure and satisfaction of food again - because food is meant to be enjoyed.

  • Learn what foods satiate you and sustain your energy levels throughout the day, so you feel more alive to enjoy your life fully.

  • Stop counting calories and start eating with ease and freedom.

  • Begin to make peace with food and your body, finally, so you can experience greater joy and fulfillment with food and in your life.

  • Start to heal your relationship with food, so that you can focus on what’s truly important to you.



How much time will this program take each day/week?


There are 5 live coaching calls. The first call is approximately 90 minutes and the others about 60 minutes. You can always watch the replays, if the times don’t match your schedule. 


The daily assignments will take 10-30 minutes a day, depending on how much time you want to put into it. Many of the assignments don’t take any extra time - they are simply inviting you into greater awareness and mindfulness around food, eating, emotions, and your relationship with your body - so you can shift them. 



What makes this program different from other diets like Noom, Whole 30 and Paleo?

Noom, Paleo, and Whole30 all have elements of restriction - where certain foods are forbidden and villainized or where the goal is to restrict calories.

This is the “old” way of approaching health and wellness. 

I am providing this program to you because the old ways of “good” and “bad” foods and restrictions were not working for my clients. It only created a more stressful relationship with food.   


I knew my clients needed a different approach, and I’m guessing you’re probably looking for a plan that offers a fresh path.


This program is based on an innovative, highly-effective, evidence-based approach that allows you to experience more peace, joy, and fulfillment with food and in your life. 


This is a unique departure from what’s been traditionally offered in health and wellness. 


This program is based on the principles of Intuitive Eating, where all foods fit. There are no food rules to follow.


This program allows you to prioritize your physical health, along with emotional and mental health. - which allows you to experience an easeful relationship with food and your body. 


I’ve read the Intuitive Eating book, but I’m still confused. Will I benefit from this program?


Yes, it’s great that you already have a start, let’s build on it! I love when my clients have read the book, Intuitive Eating (but it’s not required!).  There’s so much power in practicing a non-diet approach to food with a coach (that’s me!) to support you - along with a like-minded community.


Ditching dieting can feel isolated at times, like you are the only one in the world on this journey. I hope you will join us for community, connection and deepening of your Intuitive Eating practice! 



What if I’m not available for the live calls?


While I encourage you to participate on the live calls as much as you are able, recordings will be available, so you can listen on your own schedule.


I’m not sure if I’m ready to let go of dieting (or my restrictive eating plan) yet. Is this program for me?

You don’t have to be ready, just open minded to a new approach. 

It’s totally normal that you may feel a sense of safety and security in the world of dieting and restrictive food plans. All of us have been raised in a diet culture and thin/fit ideal obsessed society, so it’s only normal that dieting and restriction feels comforting to you. 

One of the first things we will work on in this program is uncovering the lies you’ve been taught by diet culture.

Thinking you need to have the perfect body or have food all figured out to start this process is one of the many lies of diet culture.

I hope you will put your trust in yourself to start this healing process. I will be honored to guide you.

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Registration is now closed. 
Come back in October 2024.


If you want to start sooner, email me at 

Through participating in this program, I brought greater awareness to my eating habits and resulted in less binge eating and emotionally-driven eating.


After these 14 days, I am developing a deeper sense of awareness and respect for what a truly healthy relationship with food looks like when I become more curious about my thoughts and my habits. The result is truly a more peaceful plate!

Beth G.


If you have any questions or concerns about the program let's chat!

Email me at

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